Aggiungi la tua famiglia

  • The following set of forms will help you easily submit your family group sheet information via e-mail. This information will be used to fill in family details for our genealogical tree, so please provide accurate information and details that would be interesting to your posterity.

    1) Start by filling out the form for yourself and your spouse.
    2) Then, do the same for each of your children, grandchildren, etc.
    3) Feel free to fill in a form for each of your ancestors as well.

    The more data you provide, the more fully your part of the family tree will be represented.

  • Contact

  • Husband

  • Wife

  • Marriage

  • 1° Son

  • 2° Son

  • 3° Son

  • 4° Son

  • 5° Son

  • 6° Son

  • Please type (or copy and paste from another document) your family's history in the box below. Begin with the day you were born and chronicle the important parts of your life. It can be as long or as short as you like.

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